Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video... 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!

Thanks to these awesome dudes for coming out to celebrate with me!!!
Mat Best
Crispy crispy11b
AK Guy
Eli eli_doubletap
Baddie baddiestreams
Klean kleanisklean

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  • Damn only person missing is nick Irving my man the reaper

    Zack CostiganZack Costigan17 sekunder siden
  • Where was nick

    Panshlo LambPanshlo LambMinutt siden
  • Wish I had just 1 lol

    MrImadummyMrImadummy33 minutter siden
  • Im very upset he didn't go through each one.

    B MacB Mac47 minutter siden
  • Matt with the Big Iron huh

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]50 minutter siden
  • Whole latta freedom in this video!🍻🍸💝

    Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas56 minutter siden
  • Hi Matt, I've been watching your videos for about a year, they are very interesting, continue your work! I am writing to you through a translator, as I am from Russia. You have very good gun laws, I am a hunter myself, and we can't even dream of such a large number of weapons as in the United States...

    Viper 007Viper 00759 minutter siden
  • You have lost the guns in boat accident as you would lost FULLY LOADED LEDGER WITH CRYPTO 😉😁

    Hristo CholakovHristo CholakovTime siden
  • Bro I would so swim and get those guns holy shit

    McCloud3211McCloud3211Time siden
  • Donuts mustache outclasses this gun collection

    Corey SpitzleyCorey SpitzleyTime siden
  • This is a true american video lol

    SlashingSlashingTime siden
  • The aware daffodil strikingly obey because opinion feasibly tie inside a unbiased jogging. fluttering, forgetful wasp

    Declan LawfordDeclan Lawford2 timer siden
  • keep your powder dry boys, we may be needing you

    juana washingtonjuana washington2 timer siden
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Jason WahlJason Wahl2 timer siden
  • And went through about 2,000 worth of ammo

    Marty McFlyMarty McFly2 timer siden
  • At 0:07 what is that big machine gun called and we're can you get one ?

    N /AN /A2 timer siden

    Trilled SkadesmanTrilled Skadesman2 timer siden
  • Lieutenant Dan is so proud right now.

    VikingViking2 timer siden
  • Man... I wish I could have these beauts in Canada :( But our Liberal government are terrified of any guns that are black (hmm isnt that interesting?) so we can only have shitty guns now. Cause you know, of all the AR15s being used in murders here in Canada...

    Bring me Peter panBring me Peter pan2 timer siden
  • And that is why klean plays EFT lol

    VikingViking2 timer siden

    VikingViking3 timer siden
  • You need more videos with matt

    American RedNeckAmerican RedNeck3 timer siden
  • ATF in lookin in the woods

    Brittany HarakasBrittany Harakas3 timer siden
  • the end of liberal protesting solved killing em is the only answer period

    --3 timer siden
  • Maybe its fun if you make a video where you shoot all your guns

    Jan van LaakeJan van Laake3 timer siden
  • Tell me you're murican, without telling me you're murican.

    Tonkz0r1337Tonkz0r13373 timer siden
  • Watching Ely or however you spell it watching him yell “SUCK IT DONUT!” only gets funnier the more you watch it, congrats on 10 million subscribers!

    Anderson WillenborgAnderson Willenborg4 timer siden
  • The FBI is coming for him first

    Iron patriot ManIron patriot Man4 timer siden
  • These guys will rule after the zombie apocalypse.

    Stephen OzStephen Oz4 timer siden
  • Why are they holding each other at the waist ?

    mx lifemx life4 timer siden
  • Like the intro

    Hilary VanceHilary Vance4 timer siden
  • Matt I have watched you since the beginning. You had around 2k subs when I joined. Congratulations on the 10M subs, please make a video or even a list of all the guns you own. It is absolutely amazing, and I hope someday to come down to Texas to the ranch or even the bunker and shake your hand.

    Joshua WordenJoshua Worden4 timer siden

    Komasaar ComradeKomasaar Comrade5 timer siden
  • Gonna need a bigger boat…

    Make&FixitYourself ProjectsMake&FixitYourself Projects5 timer siden
  • Hip fire only ( shit I knew I should have picked the Thompson)

    Trapper VirginiaTrapper Virginia5 timer siden
  • Donuts first shot accuracy is 100

    William BischWilliam Bisch5 timer siden
  • Watching this, I guess I must have fucked up in life. Lol

    Robert CarsellaRobert Carsella5 timer siden
  • I love Desert eagle

    Dian VansckalkywykDian Vansckalkywyk5 timer siden
  • While kayaking, in a puddle, in my neighbors yard, I hit a rock, tipped, and lost all my guns and ammo.😩😵😭😢

    james tuccillojames tuccillo5 timer siden
  • yes, ATF agent, this video right here, now you know everything he has

    badwolf0099badwolf00996 timer siden
  • *Slowly takes sunglasses off* ATF Agent: "Jackpot"

    Xedd MrCXedd MrC6 timer siden
  • If David chipman get passed as director he gonna come for all those guns personally

    Alex BullockAlex Bullock6 timer siden
  • CGI big time. Must be, cuz this is UNREAL! O my sweet Mercury.

    Stephen DedalusStephen Dedalus7 timer siden
  • Can't explain it, but I really want an SKS.. preferably an older model.

    Chris WalkerChris Walker7 timer siden
  • ATF is straight up not having a good time

    Rhodesia OfficalRhodesia Offical7 timer siden
  • Not today ATF... LMAO

  • That was karma for everyone for ripping on Eli's shortness.

    Ryan KaozRyan Kaoz7 timer siden
  • I accidentally change my account, and today i ask myself why i didn had any update about demoranch.😌.

    BushmasterBushmaster8 timer siden
  • That was epic

    Bryce PenrodBryce Penrod8 timer siden
  • So much school supplies

    LLJW 999LLJW 9998 timer siden
  • Dounts face when he hit that steel target😂😂

    Nite HaWkNite HaWk8 timer siden
  • Demo, if I get my green card, get my American firearms certificate or license I should able to pick up a free gun from you? .... Demolition Ranch with 10m sub has left the building 😆🤣

    II Parachute RegimentII Parachute Regiment9 timer siden
  • This is amazing! If we have any more that 5 firearms in New Zealand (which is legal) we have literally been branded gun nuts by our members of parliament. I would hate to think what would happen if i had this many lol. And it is just getting worse! Keep up the good work!

    daniel obriendaniel obrien9 timer siden
  • You better not comply matt.

    MericaMerica9 timer siden

    Fox WhiteFox White9 timer siden
  • I love this video and congratulations again and I love guns too but a good reason and for a technology

    Killergrip OffgripKillergrip Offgrip9 timer siden
  • Congrats, you've officially done the dumbest thing you can do by showing the government all your firepower!!! Epic fail!!

    General JunkieGeneral Junkie10 timer siden
  • Everyone: somewhat natural guns Matt: BiG iRoN

    kolim jonekolim jone11 timer siden
  • Brandon: So many AR's **heavy wheeze**

    KableFIKableFI11 timer siden
  • You made an actual summary of all of you guys I'm proud

    Tamara ApodacaTamara Apodaca11 timer siden
  • Matt you finally did it

    Tamara ApodacaTamara Apodaca11 timer siden
  • 10 million is impressive. Still think this channel should have another 0 behind that 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Marc GMarc G11 timer siden
    • The face donut made😂😂😂

      kolim jonekolim jone11 timer siden
  • *"RN50 Gold skin unlocked"*

    lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI12 timer siden
  • More than disappointed they didn’t shoot everything. I MISS THE FREAKING SAW

    Dan GoodeDan Goode12 timer siden

    tom Grünetom Grüne13 timer siden
  • they were missing 3 misses total and you could see that

    PetroPetro13 timer siden
  • the ATF right now🏃🏻‍♂️

    juicebox_xDjuicebox_xD13 timer siden
  • holy crap thats a lot of pew pew.

    Jack ClarkJack Clark13 timer siden
  • You can’t be serious that you lost all those guns 😂

    Justin ManningJustin Manning13 timer siden
  • Good choice krispy

    YDKMBIOTCA47YDKMBIOTCA4713 timer siden
  • A Dog approves of this Arsenal.

    A DogA Dog14 timer siden
  • You had one job, and Mere found out.... 😅

    Wesley DemskyWesley Demsky14 timer siden
  • Look at all those deadly guns. Wait guns can do anything on their own.

    RicRic14 timer siden
  • That gold gun looks like it’s made out of gold

    Ted PlTed Pl14 timer siden
  • The face donut made😂😂😂

    Deacon StewartDeacon Stewart14 timer siden
  • 10 million mostly armed and many armed to the teeth subscribers, that's more people than the biggest army in the world , let me be the first to pledge allegiance. Commander in chief we await your orders. Oh someone has to lend me a gun I'm in Australia

    Aron LaneAron Lane15 timer siden
  • Is this a good idea to put your armory in a video?

    Greg NixonGreg Nixon15 timer siden
  • I watch this guy all the time, but Jesus...that’s too many fucking guns, bro. Buy a boat. Go on a kickass vacation. I mean come on. Your .338 budget is probably more than my mortgage.

    Rhabdo BRhabdo B15 timer siden
  • All dudes, every firearm pointed at their pricks. This is going to go wrong at some point.

    Beau RemingtonBeau Remington15 timer siden
  • Woooh great job

    William HatterWilliam Hatter15 timer siden
  • You should do more shooting competitions, that was pretty cool

    Broncos4life721Broncos4life72115 timer siden
  • I love guns and tables. I love them all!

    Cody VongnaphoneCody Vongnaphone15 timer siden
  • How did this end up in my feed?

    Roo HammRoo Hamm15 timer siden
  • I love guns

    Logan ForteLogan Forte16 timer siden
  • Great Job Matt and long live the demolitia

    Martin St-LaurentMartin St-Laurent16 timer siden
  • You did not lose all your guns!!

    Holy StepperHoly Stepper16 timer siden
  • We’re the reaper

    Zachary WandersZachary Wanders16 timer siden
  • Don't tell Mer!

    stewie84stewie8416 timer siden
  • I wonder what victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting think about this guy show? 😂

    Krazy StoriesKrazy Stories17 timer siden
  • Can I come to your house during a apocalypse

    Destyn ArrowoodDestyn Arrowood17 timer siden
  • Congrats on reaching 10 million man! You deserve it!

    Rusty's Idaho Outdoor Adventure'sRusty's Idaho Outdoor Adventure's17 timer siden
  • Im counting about 2.5 million usd of guns

    William AftonWilliam Afton17 timer siden
  • and now you see the reason for gun control abuse of rights we should have guns but not for this blatent extreme abuse of rights for fun, gun control i vote no but gun abuse i say thwt

    David GregoryDavid Gregory18 timer siden
  • If we ever get invaded by another country everybody is going to Matt’s house

    Leroy BLeroy B18 timer siden
  • Where’s the Reaper you have to do anther video I know what it is nick no one would have a chance against him 👍

    Leroy BLeroy B18 timer siden
  • John Wick more Like John Thick

    Eyes Wide OpenEyes Wide Open18 timer siden
  • Come to Texas!

    Deadtown Rejects CivilizationDeadtown Rejects Civilization18 timer siden
  • Sorry tried unsubscribing

    Prep LahiemPrep Lahiem18 timer siden
  • FBI wants to know your location

    Jennifer JenningsJennifer Jennings18 timer siden
  • Weird thing to admit to but I’m more surprised they just had all these tables just ready for this

    Aaron RouAaron Rou18 timer siden