How Strong is a Giant Ball of Obsidian?!?!?

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  • Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

    DemolitionRanchDemolitionRanchMåned siden
    • Fortnites better

      Eldon james Nebriaga brown IIEldon james Nebriaga brown II5 dager siden
    • Compressed plastic ball

      Minion Craft RicksMinion Craft Ricks10 dager siden
    • I'm sure that's just black glass, you got ripped off

      - PowerBAND - GAMER -- PowerBAND - GAMER -11 dager siden
    • What knife you got there Matt??

      B QuickB Quick12 dager siden
    • I alredy have lords I’ve had it for years

      BIG BIOBIG BIO12 dager siden
  • When somebody breaks into his house god bless the robber

    Jaygames 435Jaygames 43527 minutter siden
  • Dude you're breathing way too much glass dust in your vids. Otherwise, nice stuff!

    Mr. DiazMr. Diaz2 timer siden
  • A thousand years from now, an geologist is going to be really confused as to why there’s so much obsidian in a random wood.

    Edward BatemanEdward Bateman2 timer siden
  • Love your videos but those pieces of obsidian are bad for the wildlife

    joshua hectorjoshua hector4 timer siden
  • Do a ball of granite?

    will radlewill radle4 timer siden
  • "obsidian"... yeah right lol

    Ivan RahnIvan Rahn5 timer siden
  • One like is equal to 1 rip for the neighbors

    Orange orangeOrange orange6 timer siden
  • I am a geologist and that is not obsidian.

    BlindGuardian050BlindGuardian0506 timer siden
  • “I always thought your stepdad was cute “🤧🤧damn vikki

    KGXDaemoniumKGXDaemonium7 timer siden
  • Video starts at 6:00

    somemendingsomemending9 timer siden
  • Id still buy some obsidian chunks I live in Longview but ill be in Austin the 2nd thru the 5th

    Zane TidwellZane Tidwell16 timer siden
  • How would it survive without previous treatment is a think about same with many tests but that's hard to do without stupid expedtiture. Btw ok will not tell Mare anything

    His Majesty Lord SmenkhareHis Majesty Lord Smenkhare21 time siden
  • If you had a new one for each shot would be great but yeah it acts like glass but harder, the sharp pieces you got is why it was used as a weapon.

    His Majesty Lord SmenkhareHis Majesty Lord Smenkhare21 time siden
  • Obsidian, volcanic glass, is hard yet brittle, I think (before watching) it'll perform better than glass due to hardness but as soon as that harness is overcome it'll give, I reckon that'll be the .45 if not then the 5.56 or 7.62 wil do it but at the same time integrity was affected by prior tests

    His Majesty Lord SmenkhareHis Majesty Lord Smenkhare21 time siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't carve his fingers open as he played and poked at it. One of the sharpest fractures to run your hands across, worse that glass. Great video though!

    PeterPeter23 timer siden
  • Granite

    2 OLD2 OLDDag siden
  • you should put paper on sides and back of these glass and obsidian. There is alot of ricochet happening it would be fun to see how much

    SCSCDag siden
  • 4:28 8:36 finally get a view of the cameraman after all these years!

    Hardesty HardestyHardesty HardestyDag siden
  • You was saying the word Black , you're racist

    GreenGreenDag siden
  • You know your immature when he says “So we found these balls for sale online-“ and your thinking.......

    AggressiveChair94 AggressiveChair94AggressiveChair94 AggressiveChair94Dag siden
  • Stays intact at the impact site due to the compression of the obsidian. The shockwave if the impact pripogatss outward shearing the obsidian radially outward. The reason the obsidian breaks on the exact opposite side of the sphere is due to the same laws of physics that govern the Newtons cradle to work. Conservation of momentum.

    Parker JimenezParker JimenezDag siden
  • where does one obtain such artifacts as an obsidian ball?

    Gavo HburgGavo HburgDag siden
  • Shoot that Sherman tank with the .50. Could you shoot a Geri tank filled with gasoline with an incendiary round?

    Joseph E LambersonJoseph E LambersonDag siden
  • You got to get the super slow mo 📷so you can see the Shockwaves

    Dijon RiceDijon RiceDag siden
  • Obsidian is just black glass haha. So yes ...its gonna perform like glass

    Dustin StricklandDustin StricklandDag siden
  • You should shoot marble

    Skyler WaldenSkyler WaldenDag siden
  • Because of the transfer of energy, the main impact point does take most of the hit, it transfers most of the energy. The sides absorb that energy causing it to break. There's your answer

    Gabriel PlayZGabriel PlayZDag siden
  • You could probably get a big thing of pink himalayan salt for cheaper than that and would probably be fun to shoot. May be a bit too soft though

    Aiden MagargleAiden MagargleDag siden
  • Brilliant video, watching it explode got us thinking.... you should definitely team up with the slow mo guys. Watching it super slowly would be absolutely epic!! Please make this happen!!

    Catherine ChappellCatherine ChappellDag siden
  • Go to the nether

    tusk act4tusk act4Dag siden
  • In Every Videos .50 BMG is the Star of the Video and the Final Gun 😅 Next time i Want to see Zar Bomb at the Final Gun 😅😂🤣🤣🤣

    darkloquendificationdarkloquendificationDag siden
  • Someone forgot their ears 🤣 for the 9mm

    IdahoRedneck 21IdahoRedneck 21Dag siden
  • lol I love this man

    Liam DunlopLiam DunlopDag siden
  • Since its a spherical object I want to say it has something to do with gyroscopic precession (when a force is applied to one point the maximum force is reflected 90 degrees)

    JT RochaJT Rocha2 dager siden
  • Centrifugal force dissipates circumstances at the weakest point. In this example, the weakest point of the sphere is the outer edges

    Bryan GallacherBryan Gallacher2 dager siden
  • 4min 30secs, you can see clearly he has already tested the ball with the markings on it, he realised he is showing it and turns the ball around. Ps I am a British Army Sniper part of the 16 Air Assault brigade. L96A1 and .338 Accuracy International are my best friends.

    Bryan GallacherBryan Gallacher2 dager siden
  • Buy or use the AS VAL or the BFG 50

    Sebastian Shawn AbdullahSebastian Shawn Abdullah2 dager siden
  • You need to collaborate with slo mo guys for these types of videos man.

    Alex PickmanAlex Pickman2 dager siden
  • You can get marble pieces from a place the makes counter tops

    Never ForgetNever Forget2 dager siden
  • Shoot a large magnet.

    Jerry DodgeJerry Dodge2 dager siden
  • shoot some granite

    Farmer AcobFarmer Acob2 dager siden
  • Man you should make arrow tips with that and do a give away or somthing that would be cool.

    Darren WilliamsDarren Williams2 dager siden
  • You sir are a crack shot 🇺🇲💪

    Cody GrabowskiCody Grabowski3 dager siden
  • At 6:36 the camera man got that on point 💪🏾

    New6urg DookyNew6urg Dooky3 dager siden
  • 10:07 you welcome

    Г. МөнхбаярГ. Мөнхбаяр3 dager siden
  • *doesn’t know Minecraft* it’s glass *people who know Minecraft* got diamond bullets?

    Lu TerenceLu Terence3 dager siden
  • Camera guy flinched hard af @6:33

    Merle NewellMerle Newell3 dager siden
  • The centre stays intact because its compressed together by the impact, whereas elsewhere the shockwave can crack pieces off because they arent under the pressure of the impact

    First NameFirst Name3 dager siden
  • 50 cal blew the obsidian to oblivion...

    Meno NunyaMeno Nunya3 dager siden
  • Matt: time for 50 bmg, obsidian ball ight im a head out

    Isaiah PadillaIsaiah Padilla3 dager siden
  • Is there anyway i can send demo a item to shoot?

    crabwalkarmscrabwalkarms3 dager siden
  • Nobody Minecraft players:I need that now so I can go to the nether

    Dylan ChaffinDylan Chaffin3 dager siden
  • (the obsidian can be rlly Sharp) so here is the deal, If u dont have knifes at home, all u need to do is take a massive ball of obsidian And shoot It with a fifty BMG, pretty simple

    Rafael FariasRafael Farias3 dager siden
  • Anyone else extremely stressed that Matt is touch the obsidian and hoping none of the dust is still on his fingers?

    NaKiri.AiNaKiri.Ai3 dager siden
  • how much body armor is required to stop 50BMG?

    sleepy Joesleepy Joe3 dager siden
  • 6:33 Poor camera guy nearly jumped out of his skin 😂

    William WinderWilliam Winder3 dager siden
  • obsidian is literally just black glass. hate to break it you you minecraft nerds but your dumb game got it wrong

    Blank The NinjaBlank The Ninja3 dager siden
  • Shoot some granite

  • minecraft players be like :0

    Noble ChimpNoble Chimp4 dager siden
  • Can you make bullets out of obsidian?

    Garg710Garg7104 dager siden
  • That is sheen obsidian also obsidian is slowly cooled lava

    Omega ByteOmega Byte4 dager siden
  • Not sure how strong obsidian is since it’s like glass but how sharp it can be ??? That’s Another story

    Seven_Deadly_Sins_ArchilliesSeven_Deadly_Sins_Archillies4 dager siden
  • You need a diamond pick axe

    Yoboi PaXt0n_litYoboi PaXt0n_lit4 dager siden
  • Did your Cameraman forgot his ears at 6:35? Poor guy...

    ATGGATGG4 dager siden
  • I'll give you a thousand bucks if you run through his entire yard barefoot.

    dotGlitchdotGlitch4 dager siden
  • The lacking corn spatially remember because authorisation resultantly paint aboard a symptomatic male. sordid, perpetual mine

    Samuel JohnSamuel John4 dager siden
  • Matt, I've ALWAYS wondered... who is your cameraman??? The curiosity is killing me!

    Bassist4LifeBassist4Life4 dager siden
  • "We found these balls for sale online"

    JuggernautJuggernaut4 dager siden
  • Is it me or did the person holding the camera jump when he was firing the 9mm, I’m not judging, they just made me jump when they did

    FireskullbroFireskullbro4 dager siden
    • Also this is my opinion but Despite how it looked I think it did more damage then we think on the area it hit, I think it causes more internal damage than external, at least to the area it hits

      FireskullbroFireskullbro4 dager siden
  • The acid rat concomitantly educate because science joly pretend a a little galley. loud, cumbersome muscle

    Kendra ClarkKendra Clark4 dager siden
  • so, the back of the ball cracks because the force of the bullet creates a pressure wave that travels across the ball and the conjoining at a very fast pace, which makes a tiny explosion you could call it and cracks the back of the ball.

    Rowdy GrayRowdy Gray4 dager siden

    Discoboy212 GamingDiscoboy212 Gaming4 dager siden
  • This guy is a friggin genius with these opening skits. I wonder if he writes them himself or if someone else does.

    BrianD0313BrianD03135 dager siden
  • Recast it

    Eldon james Nebriaga brown IIEldon james Nebriaga brown II5 dager siden
  • No play fortnite god damn it

    Eldon james Nebriaga brown IIEldon james Nebriaga brown II5 dager siden
  • That will be a little bit the same as the glass ball cause obsidian is a fragile material kind of like glass so it'll break easily in Minecraft it's really hard but in real life its fragile

    Karen MackinKaren Mackin5 dager siden
  • Only have x-ray vision with shoes? _I know some people who would enjoy such a thing_

    MonochromeMonochrome5 dager siden
  • My brain had a minor malfunction because of that intro....

    MonochromeMonochrome5 dager siden
  • Obsidian is volcanic glass so it makes sense that it behaves similarly

    Phosphorus The messiahPhosphorus The messiah5 dager siden
  • This fuc wit...get these guns outa he's hands b4 he goes to a school ya goofy m8te from Australia u should be aloud 2 have em if u don't fuck around wit em..u hear normal people say it all the time....

    Troy DalpiazTroy Dalpiaz5 dager siden
  • Is that what happens with asteroids

    Carlos MartinCarlos Martin5 dager siden
  • The fearful fearless screwdriver basically increase because soy rationally grab qua a scattered library. stale, well-made exchange

    Jocelynn CeciliaJocelynn Cecilia5 dager siden
  • A MA M5 dager siden
  • Oh man. I love the thought game of "if you could have any super power, but you could only use the power while "self gratifying". What would it be?". Fun to help break the ice.

    Platinum FleaPlatinum Flea5 dager siden
  • @DemolitionRanch it has to do w/ the shock waves that it sends and it is like a vibrating chair if you want any more info just reply to this

    Jude BakerJude Baker6 dager siden
  • Your ballistic morphology is actually kind of recreating what Asteroid Impact craters look like on the surface of our planet. High velocity projectile hits a surface and leaves a raised center with a ridged outer wall. The energy needs to be released and finds the path of least resistance. The energy finds it harder to go down (hence the raised center) and instead goes outward making conical fractures (the raised edge wall of a crater).

    BrozarkBrozark6 dager siden
  • Bring back the automag

    T_j_s _slacker vibesT_j_s _slacker vibes6 dager siden
  • Please make a video with the slow mo guys it will be so cool

    Nathan DennisNathan Dennis6 dager siden
  • it is because the motion has to dissipate some were and obsidian is a really brittle stone and it is like glass

    jaywatchtraveljaywatchtravel6 dager siden
  • WOW,,,COOL!!! Obsidian is a volcanic glass. Indigenous people around the world made arrow heads out of it and it is soooooo sharp that it is used as a scalpel in operating rooms! Obsidian comes in many colors and can be tumble polished.Very small "balls" of Obsidian are found mostly in Arizona and are called Apache Tears! Pretty cool stuff and fitting for this video! Thanks!

    Thomas KuziaThomas Kuzia6 dager siden
  • Just like I thought obsidian is kind of a glass after all

    Kobeke5Kobeke56 dager siden
  • Well obsidian if you throw it on the ground it will smach

    Melissa AcevedoMelissa Acevedo6 dager siden
  • You NEED to shoot bedrock

    Zilla Productions878Zilla Productions8786 dager siden
  • Reverberation ?

    Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner6 dager siden
  • dont even bother watching the video anymore, just the intro lol

    Lazar RistanovicLazar Ristanovic6 dager siden
  • Try shoot through giant ball bearing

    Thomas McdougallThomas Mcdougall6 dager siden
  • Obsidian its just unpure glass

    obama barack_thiccobama barack_thicc6 dager siden
  • Probably from surface area and shock waves of the rounds, thats why they arent piercing but rather shattering

    British PersonBritish Person6 dager siden
  • Please stop little using that knife I don't like the scraping sounded sounds really weird can you please stop using this use your finger not the nail of this normal finger but just don't let the scraping sound thank you so much

    Bumples Mcstumpsauc Nord I love your videos broeBumples Mcstumpsauc Nord I love your videos broe6 dager siden