I Unlocked the Boss Gun... The Gold Barrett 50cal... And Shot my Raptor...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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  • I wish I could do what you could do everyday I love guns

    Dana SiedorDana Siedor16 timer siden
  • I still feel sad reading the title. The Ford Raptor is no cap my favorite car considering the dirt roads and mountainous area I live in

    kn1ghtkn1ght18 timer siden
  • That's the most American title I've ever seen

    DabeztDabeztDag siden
  • The desert eagle got the camera brass to the face and then the camera got painted 1 like 1 prayer for the camera 👇

    Jack kucheraJack kuchera2 dager siden
  • Dummy: Matt: “happily severs upper torso from body

    Cheese CakeCheese Cake2 dager siden
  • To unlock the golden Barrett, you need to beat life on hard mode 5 times.

    Salem BendeckSalem Bendeck2 dager siden
  • Everyone talking about *mrmasterglock on wickr* for guns I tried him and it real the best plug ever ...

    Daisy StephanieDaisy Stephanie2 dager siden

    Taiyou GibsonTaiyou Gibson2 dager siden
  • It’s a Ford ffs get a Chevy

    FannyFanny3 dager siden
  • А уже было видео с арсеналом?

    Strong MusicStrong Music4 dager siden
  • That shotgun looks so fun to shoot

    chicagocubs10601chicagocubs106014 dager siden
  • Do you get 20 million subscribers explode your rage

    Roadford01Roadford015 dager siden
  • 20 million you have to explode your range

    Roadford01Roadford015 dager siden
  • How to make a rainbow

    AlexanderAlexander6 dager siden
  • Wenn he said nah it’s just a glock lol

    Soar zaxy hightSoar zaxy hight6 dager siden
  • 9:26 was that a quiet F bomb I heard there Matt?

    Slayer DaveSlayer Dave6 dager siden
  • Lol codm player gold arctic 50

    Aldrin SerranoAldrin Serrano6 dager siden
  • hey matt when will you make a video revewing all your guns

    Chelsea HutchinsChelsea Hutchins7 dager siden

    Tyler ReynoldsTyler Reynolds8 dager siden
  • Matt 2021 “What’s the point of getting any other guns?” Me: Ummm... excuse me? Who even needs a reason in the first place?

    CrippledMercCrippledMerc8 dager siden
  • One shot one kill

    Nitish ThoudamNitish Thoudam8 dager siden
  • 9:14 at .25x speed i promise is gold content lmao

    Finck92Finck928 dager siden
  • love this guy .. man looks like a good time for real

    phat sack 420phat sack 4208 dager siden
  • Nah it's just a glock lol

    Hayden MastersHayden Masters8 dager siden
  • Well, Matt. Maybe shoot 100 ballistic dummies with the gold .50 cal. (also shoot some AP as well :))

    MetalHatBonnie [M.H.B]MetalHatBonnie [M.H.B]9 dager siden
  • Matt: what do u want me to shoot next Me: Shoot ur other gold 50bmg

    mrflimalm81mrflimalm819 dager siden
  • Please give me that car n you can shoot my leg.

    NAGA RAPPERNAGA RAPPER10 dager siden
  • Can you put a M2 50 cal Machine gun on top of a van that would be so funny

    Lincoln CooperLincoln Cooper10 dager siden
  • dude your shirt looks like the red hot chili pepper shirt

    Benjamin GieschenBenjamin Gieschen11 dager siden
  • i am impressd by your gun art!

    gregor domergregor domer11 dager siden
  • The cameraman is shaking how good the berret looks

    Martin PlaysMartin Plays11 dager siden
  • Shoot another 50 cal with the 50 cal

    TwacticalTwactical11 dager siden
  • more 50 cal vids plz

    Solve EverythingSolve Everything11 dager siden
  • The kid that actually wanted a lollipop from a float just gets half his body blown off XD

    Doggo CheeseDoggo Cheese12 dager siden
  • Shoot gold desert eagle

    Miguel SandovalMiguel Sandoval12 dager siden
  • Happy I Found Yuo💯💞🔥💕💝💘💋

    ImaMonaKnightImaMonaKnight13 dager siden
  • Hahahaha 👈🎃👍

    ImaMonaKnightImaMonaKnight13 dager siden
  • My Home Alberta 👈🎃👍

    ImaMonaKnightImaMonaKnight13 dager siden
  • Thanks Foreverything..I'm in Vancouver BC 💯💞

    ImaMonaKnightImaMonaKnight13 dager siden
  • O

    Ravinder Kaur BainsRavinder Kaur Bains13 dager siden
  • after destroying 1000 items you unlock gold camo :O

    NitroJuiceNitroJuice13 dager siden
  • *Cough Cough* Didn't blur out his license plate *Cough Cough*

    CH3MIC4LSCH3MIC4LS14 dager siden
  • POV: your a spraypaint artist who has 20 commisions due tomorrow

    Marc Tristan PeraltaMarc Tristan Peralta14 dager siden
  • 10 MILLL

    Wizard FPVWizard FPV14 dager siden
  • Let me have the truck shit

    cameron milowskicameron milowski14 dager siden
  • In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse please proceed to your nearest Demolition Ranch.

    Drayton WilliamsDrayton Williams14 dager siden
  • Dude made AT LEAST a smooth 100k off 5K T-SHIRTS!! Thats NUTS, he owns the business so it's all profit

    Ebay AccountEbay Account15 dager siden
  • fun fact i do trap shooting and am about to to the fallon shoot torment.

    Jack ZulzJack Zulz15 dager siden
  • Get that tacky ass gold paint off that poor gun that thing looks like crap

    Joe BruceJoe Bruce15 dager siden
  • shoot a bunch of gel head dummys like 50!!

    kendrix beasleykendrix beasley15 dager siden
  • ya hit 10mill sooo I wanna see it

    Trevor CrotwellTrevor Crotwell15 dager siden
  • love the "just a glock" truly amazing and loud!

    ordinary with even better breachingordinary with even better breaching15 dager siden
  • Shoot the engine f(_)!$ IT

    Chris LindnerChris Lindner15 dager siden
  • Fine art lol

    Chris LindnerChris Lindner15 dager siden
  • Whistlin let the money go to his head.

    MM15 dager siden
  • Nice u reached 10 million subs

    TNYTTNYT15 dager siden

    jason vander heydenjason vander heyden16 dager siden
  • Arctic Gold camo

    NamikazeNamikaze16 dager siden
  • Good old American truck needs a few 50 cal holes.😂

    Ian MIan M16 dager siden
  • Oooop he hit 10m show us the gun collection

    Hell Boy 1996-2017Hell Boy 1996-201716 dager siden
  • Its 10 million !!!!!!!!!

    91classicrock91classicrock16 dager siden
  • Me with a cool ass pellet gun thinking I'm cool

    Igneous HammerIgneous Hammer17 dager siden
  • can’t believe Matt got his favourite anti-material rifle gold plated, good for him!

    The ArchitectThe Architect17 dager siden
  • You need that diamond camo

    Trapgod NahTrapgod Nah17 dager siden
  • Matt: **Shoots a raptor with a 50 cal rife** Everybody else at jurrasic park:

    †_I like ya' cut G_††_I like ya' cut G_†17 dager siden
  • Hell yaaa 😍 lets go 💯🙌💥

    Ida SchouIda Schou17 dager siden
  • hear me out (50 cal) tommy gun how insane is that

    D x HD x H18 dager siden
  • art... ITS AN EXPLOSIONS!!!

    Mark PodobnikMark Podobnik18 dager siden
  • When the boss gun has the same stats as your best gun with a different skin. Smh It is a solid skin though...

    AxisAxis18 dager siden
  • Is it bad that I’m nine and have shot a 22 a high brass 12 gage low brass 12 gage a 9 mil and a 30 30

    Melia FleemanMelia Fleeman19 dager siden
  • This is in no way a way to pay for the gold barrett and him losing his truck, right? Lol.

    FestieFestie19 dager siden
  • 11:07 it sounds like he says I’m gonna f*** my pants... No thanks.?

    Littletimelord 27Littletimelord 2719 dager siden
  • can't wait for the day he pulls out a damascus or dark matter Barrett

    drunken motherdrunken mother20 dager siden
  • i feel like there's an artist out there who unironically creates art like this

    BabooshlaBabooshla20 dager siden
  • why don't you gold plate all your guns

    Marcia ArendsMarcia Arends20 dager siden
  • You too much camping welldone, you unlock golden camo

    SkeppyMagmaSkeppyMagma20 dager siden
  • you clearly havent dreamt of golden howitzer..

    MarcinMarcin20 dager siden
  • Precision boring tool for truck beds

    Karanveer SinghKaranveer Singh21 dag siden
  • So much money to play with.

    Robert OguraRobert Ogura21 dag siden
  • you should shoot whistlin' diesel next with the gold 50BMG

    GolbezGolbez22 dager siden
  • RIP DemoRanch Raptor

    GolbezGolbez22 dager siden
  • Amazing watching the progress you've made over these last few years. Love the channel, keep doing big things!

    Jonathon StumpJonathon Stump22 dager siden
  • Shoot one of your video cameras

    Tracey McClurkenTracey McClurken22 dager siden
  • ok so... who's buying the table?

    CosmiX_LokaCosmiX_Loka22 dager siden
  • wow You have better art than me

    RamenXzRamenXz23 dager siden
  • Guys, maybe you do not remember, back in the day that we made art with brushes 😲

    Francium WaveFrancium Wave23 dager siden
  • haven’t watched the vid yet, and I can already tell he’s gonna shoot a Dino raptor

    Raven GarageRaven Garage23 dager siden
  • St. Jude isn't even subd, I am

    Silenced RageSilenced Rage23 dager siden
  • He’s finally in gta 5 with a gold barret gets explosive rounds and your complete

    DSG gamingDSG gaming23 dager siden
  • When you have enough points to unlock the special secret weapon in a game

    VipersaurusVipersaurus24 dager siden
  • Ford: "build though" 😂

    Francisco ChavezFrancisco Chavez24 dager siden
  • We can paint with bullets, America will be pleased with that.

    Hoyt1027Hoyt102725 dager siden
  • Up next on demolition ranch " shooting my house with a 50bmg" 😂

    Blaze.HildenbrandBlaze.Hildenbrand25 dager siden
  • How Americans go to a party 0:37

    Gekkebadmuts OGekkebadmuts O25 dager siden
  • That first painting from the spinning wheel was cool.

    Justin DoughertyJustin Dougherty25 dager siden
  • Quick! Get him to 10 mil!

    JuiciperJuiciper26 dager siden
  • 😂🤣👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⚡️⚡️⚡️💥💥💥

    Dean C. MillerDean C. Miller26 dager siden
  • Okay I’m convinced you and your friends are Q ! 🤔😳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 nice disguise 🥸

    Dean C. MillerDean C. Miller26 dager siden
  • you need disposable glove at the hq would make things a lot easier when you want to clean

    frakillwe123frakillwe12327 dager siden